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Chinese Martial Arts in Køge4/7-2018, 16:30

SVAR (Viser kun seneste 300)
<a href="" Ta...24/10-2018, 17:36
Feel free to contact me <img src="./pics/smileys/s...24/10-2018, 17:31
Hi David,<br><br>Very cool! I have always had an ...9/9-2018, 7:37
Not necessarily. I teach tennline tantui to those ...16/7-2018, 4:51
Just made a very simple website for those who are ...15/7-2018, 17:05
Those three forms in my opinion contains the gener...11/7-2018, 20:51
Hi Wounded Knee! Basically Master Su learned vario...11/7-2018, 18:36
Hi Everybody. <br><br>I am more than happy to dis...11/7-2018, 17:14
Sounds like a plan Andreas <img src="./pics/smiley...11/7-2018, 5:52
I only have them on Facebook and some on Instagram...9/7-2018, 16:28
Very interesting! Dan Inosanto's book on FMAs...6/7-2018, 13:30
Hi Minis,<br><br>I live out at Køge and curre...4/7-2018, 16:46
Hi Andreas,<br><br>Which school of Kali are you fr...4/7-2018, 16:41

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