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Navn: David Dizon

Sidst online: 12/6-2019, 22:05
Online tid: 0 dage, 3 timer og 31 minutter
Telefon: 31706051
Stilart: Weng Chun Kung Fu & Shuai Jiao
Alder: 32 år
Højde: cm
Vægt: kg


Available for private lessons and seminars in Weng Chun and Shuai Jiao. Reach out to through email or SMS.

David has trained Weng Chun Kung Fu since it was introduced in Denmark in 2005 by Grandmaster Andreas Hoffmann (
He has been teaching Weng Chun since 2008 and is the first and currently only Weng Chun practitioner in Scandinavia to have been awarded the Master degree (by GM Hoffmann in May 2018). From 2018 David also started to teach Shuai Jiao in Denmark (Chinese Jacket Wrestling).

Training of other styles: Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), muay thai, BJJ, submission wrestling, judo and karate (graduated black belt under Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa).

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